The Operational Rules of the Trading Platform have been approved by the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Authority by the Resolution No 10103/2018 (in Hungarian) with the effective date of 1 October 2018.

Operational Rules of the Trading Platform

Future Trading Platform members will be obliged to conclude the Membership Agreement being the Attachment No. 1. to the Operational Rules of the Trading Platform thus having accepted the General Contractual Terms being the Attachment No. 2. thereto.

The editable version of the Membership Agreement is accessible here: https://ipnew.rbp.eu/RBP.eu/

Furthermore, to complete the Trading Platform membership the named Contract on balancing natural gas settlement for network Users who are members of the Trading platform being attachment no. 4.8 to the Business Code of FGSZ Ltd in effect from 1 October 2018, as well as the contracts of the KELER group will be concluded as well.

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